I look out my window, what do I see? Shades of Times Square. Only two buildings giving really fine light shows. But they are fine. The one, flowing cascades of colored light, gradually drifting from blue to red and back again. The other much more TSish, some logo with a border thickening, thinning, growing into the text and moving back out of it. I'd find it pedestrian if I could read it. Perhaps. If I manage to stay I will learn to read it, I'll keep you posted.

O but you see, the waterfall is but a memory. It isn't cascading tonight. Or I can't see it through the fog. But seeking it I find another lightshow logo border, this one even more garish. Or beautiful if it's your taste. Not really to mine but still, color me impressed. China is indeed movin' on up. Sadly the planet is movin' on down but that's no reason not to enjoy it. First the Amazonian tree frogs, then the Polar Bears, now the bees. Who'll shuffle off the mortal coil next? But we gots light shows!

And fireworks and 60th anniversaries. Of what, exactly? Well that's hard to say, certainly a patriotic event but the confusion of ethnicity and nationalism keeps me guessing. These are the Han. Down South, to the West, who's out there, what will Tibet celebrate?

Me I'll celebrate a mattress. Can't really afford a bicycle yet, I mean, probably just barely but my gig is hardly sinecure ATM and if I follow through on this MSc idea I'll be broker than ever. If I stay employed 'til next month I could get an electric bicycle. Can I ride it to Vietnam? The tale of the lost will tell you about my attempted ride to Chiang Rai soon enough, would a motor have helped or hindered? And how does it fit in with environmental catastrophe? My plain ol' mountain bike wasn't exactly organic. But I'll dance in the ashes. As I diddle while it burns.