I'm writing a book on ethics. That's right, lil ol' me. I really have led a fairly pleasant and harmless life though, and I'd very much like to share how I pulled it off. Because I see a whole lot going down that's far from what I consider harmless. So, a bit in response to Mom's work, a bit in response to Sam Harris and a whole lot in response to what I see as the failure of Buddhism (small problem) and the dire disaster that is the tri-partite crock of Abrahamic bullshit (BIG problem) I'm going to follow up the thesis with some advice on how to behave yourself. Pretty much the stuff at Blogster, with a little more rigor. And all new chapters on living with 'sexual misbehaviors', the real dangers of abdicating one's personal responsibility to books and other 'authorities', how badly one may fail and how to recover. Having rather recently recovered from an exceedingly failed state myself I won't comment much further just yet but I'm fairly certain it'll have some value as advice and absolutely positive it will as titillation. Keep an eye ...
Alright then, I will tell you. It is my considered opinion that only two moral precepts are required to fix this human mess. First, that no one do to another what they would not want done to themselves. Second, that no one do anything they would not be comfortable telling anyone else. I have recently resolved a serious violation of the second in my own personal life, and the pain that the conflict caused and the embarassment that it's resolution cost were instructive to me. I will deconstruct them for you soon enough, may you find them as edifying.

Some sample chapters:
The Therac 25
In Defence of Error
Intro to Buddhism