Haywire is in flux.

Travelers tell of a phenomenon, strange of sound and dark of word. They speak of a trio of misfits unwelcome in their home town, yet unwilling to escape. This less than stalwart band of heartless bastards and evil geniuses is said to play covers. If so little judgement could be passed on what they do. Destroy songs they didn't write might be more accurate. Tales are told of messed up tunes from a throat singing version of western ballad "Streets of Laredo" to a downright light interpretation of John Lennon's undeniably heavy "Instant Karma"; from an eastern flavored "Ramblin' Man" to an un-Stoned "Paint It Black". While it is likely that this group about which such odd rumor swirls shall not find venues easily initialy, it is certain that once heard they will find it nearly impossible. Banjo and fretless banjo? Contrabass and dijeridu? Throat singing and accordion? These do not sound like very good ideas. If you have the opportunity to see HayWire, do so. It is not likely to be repeated.

Evidently, some people believe that in the absence of anywhere to play, HayWire may be forced to pour their poisonously eclectic energies into a recording.  It may, in fact, be released as an Internet mp3 experiment, so that it can spread like the virus that the music is.  It is due to the overwhelming tragedy of the sound and its euro-trash street influence that the image for this album(?) was concieved.  Imagine, if you will, an organ-grinder and his little mokey.  Imagine it's a cacophonous hurdy-gurdy.  And that the monkey is dead.  Starved to death or dead of some minor infection that adequate veterinary attention could have easily dealt with.  Due to the fact that the hurdy-gurdy player makes very odd noises, and so makes very little, if any income for the poor little fellow's sustenance.  Or his own, or his family's, who now accompany him begging in the street.  They make a lot of odd noises too, some vaguely harmonizing along, some simply weeping, completely off-time and out of key.  The name of HayWire's CD, mp3 CD, 45 rpm or whatever the case may be, shall be: "Please Don't Make Us Eat The Monkey".  Unless they change their minds.

ES: contra-bass, banjo, concertina, drums, throat singing, very odd theses.

MG: vocals, continuum warping.

WB: contra-bass, fretless banjo, accordion, drums, throat singing, inflammables.

Look ma! mp3s!