Children are starving and I'm gonna contribute my ¢2 to the browser wars. Yes, I am. I'm doing what I can. Don't make too much money, live where distribution's almost equitable, la de da.

Who cares what browser you use? I certainly don't. But I certainly do remember the rise of Explorer. That's not a browser. That's a piece of Micro$oft software with some browser functionality. The primary function of Micro$oft software is to put other companies out of business. All other functionality is secondary. If your site forces me to use Explorer and I really really want something from you I might use it. But probably not. If you didn't get the impression from the first paragraph I'm a freak. Geek, probably, freak, definitely. I wrote up my opinion of Micro$oft long ago. Waste time on that if you like, right now I'm wasting time on this.

Netscape is dead, long live Netscape. It became Mozilla. Andressen moved on long ago. Can't kill what's already dead, canya Richard? I consider Firefox the heir of Netscape. It probably is, in code. It certainly isn't in rigorous fact. But I leave rigor to the academes. It is sufficient to say that like Netscape Firefox is pretty W3C compliant. And like Netscape, it's nowhere near 100%. Also like Netscape it's pretty crummy from time to time, and we watch features and functionality come and go with the versions. Right now its multimedia is terrible on Linux where I currently spend all my time. I still use it for the bulk of my browsing beacause it works and it's got the plugins, but I keep a pile of others on hand. The only one I'm going to mention at this point is Opera though, KISS.

Opera is 100% W3C compliant. That's its raison d'etre. It is pretty crummy too, technology generally is, but it does exactly what it's supposed to. Badly, most of the time, but sufficiently. Multimedia's ok. XML is perfect. I'm playing with turbo mode at the moment and I'll get back to you when I understand what it's doing and can make a meaningful criticism. But it is satisfactory and I think anyone who claims to write for the web must use it.

I wish chrome would finalize a release for Linux. I could talk about Safari on Mac but no one but religious zealots seems to be doing that. Konqueror, seamonkey, iceweasel, they all have their uses. But this article's big enough already, is it not?