iMovie 9 let me down. Hard. Part of why I'm not so sad I can't be reunited with my Mac yet. But the alternatives are getting very mature. Kino is better than iMovie 9 IMHO. I hear 'professionals' bitching about how GIMP just 'can't do' what PhotoShop does. BS. Laziness, lack of understanding IMHO. I've seen people do things with GIMP most of us can't do with PS. And then there's Blender. What's the commercial alternative to that?

  • Audio: Audacity, Rosegarden
  • Video: VLC, Kino, mplayer
  • Graphics: GIMP, Picasa, ristretto
  • Office: Open Office, ABIWord
  • FUSE lets you read and write all kinds of filesystems. Unfortunately it's wacked on Linux for mounting NTFS. Here's the solution.

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